Credit Card Processing

All businesses need to accept credit cards. All credit card processing programs are not the same.

Based upon current U.S. Interchange there are over a 100 different rates for a transaction.

Many variables affect the final price the merchant pays for processing. These same variables impact the profitability of the seller of the processing. Some of these variables are:

  • The method of communication – Dial, IP, Dedicated Circuit, wireless…
  • The basic design of the billing – 3 Tier (qualified, mid-qualified, non-qualified), interchange plus, bundled rates, separate signature debit pricing, downgrades.
  • The ability and limitations of the processor to design billing methods.
  • Ancillary fee income – monthly fees & minimums, annual fees, retrieval requests, chargeback fees, ach reject fees, over limit fees...
  • Variables related to transactions including, authorization fees, capture fees, batch header fees, AVS fees, voice & VRU authorizations, travel and entertainment card fees.
  • Additional products and services including wireless fees, supplies, fees relating to terminal maintenance & rentals, special reporting, statements and customer service.

Going beyond price is technology and Service. Agents, ISO’s and merchants require technology and support. What distinguishes one organization from the next is their ability to take care of their clients. The proper balance of technology and people is critical. The ability to provide answers to questions and resolutions to problems is fundamental to the success of the organization. Qualified and knowledgeable people must always be available to serve their clients.

Both sales organizations and merchants should choose their payment processing partners with great care. Mutually understood expectations and abilities should lead to a successful relationship.

CBScard are here to help you and make sure you have the best solutions and pricing available. Please contact us to review your current processing contract, proposal or RFP. We will assist you in negotiating the best solution for your needs.