According to the Census Bureau of the United States Department of Commerce, total e-commerce sales for 2005 were estimated at $86.3 billion, an increase of 24.6 percent (±3.3%) from 2004.

Cash doesn’t work on the internet. $86.3 billion dollars was processed in 2005 and e commerce keeps growing each year. E-commerce opens many opportunities to a payment processing organization. E-Commerce merchants need:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Private Label Payroll cards
  • Reccuring billing
  • High volume processing
  • Affiliate tracking and payments programs
  • Fraud filtration
  • Web site development and hosting
  • Order fulfillment
  • Payment gateways
  • Micro payments
  • Internet auction tools
  • Software for membership management
  • Digital download systems

There are hundreds of thousands of products and vendors for these services and products. CBScard will guide you through your selection process. We will then assist you in your contract negotiation and implementation of your selected solutions.

The internet is home to many non mainstream business types that your current payments processor may not understand or accept such as:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Direct response marketing
  • Home based E-commerce
  • Business’s owned out side of the United States

These types of accounts require special consideration and risk management. We are happy to assist our clients in any way we can.