Our investors advance cash now for your future sales. Receivable factoring has been used for years by large public corporations; it is now available to you.

  • This is not a loan.
  • There are no restrictive, complex underwriting guidelines or approval processes.
  • Our investors purchase a portion of your future revenue stream from credit card sales.
  • You can use the money any way you want, it's your money.
  • Our program is simple, fast and easy.

Top 10 uses of money:

  1. Reduce or retire debt.
  2. Purchase new, needed equipment or merchandise.
  3. Expand or remodel your current business.
  4. Buy a new additional location.
  5. Buy out partners.
  6. Take advantage of better, volume or special pricing & terms by paying cash.
  7. Expand marketing and advertising programs.
  8. Fund benefit programs - Insurance, retirement, fund bonus incentives.
  9. Prepare for special seasons with inventory and staff.
  10. Develop new products and services. Research and development.

Top reasons to do business with us:

  1. It's simple to do business with us.
  2. Quick approval and funding...you'll have your money in days!
  3. Easy approval, non restrictive underwriting, basic documentation.
  4. You will deal with professionals directly, no middlemen or brokers.
  5. No personal guarantees. No liens against your home or business.
  6. Never an application fee.
  7. Repayment is flexible; it works automatically deducting a small % of your daily credit card sales. No fixed time frame, you repay the advance only as you have cash flow.
  8. No U.C.C. filings, this advance never shows up in your credit report, D&B...
  9. Newly owned businesses with previous credit card processing qualify.
  10. It takes money to make money, unlock and take advantage of this quick efficient source of money.