POS Hardware & Peripherals

One of the most common items you will provide is a Point of Sale Terminal. Depending upon the business model, these terminals are placed, rented, leased or sold.

Terminals come in a variety of options and prices. As a full service organization you will need to support the terminals in the field your merchants currently have. You will need to support the terminals your sales reps sell. Most important you should designate a preferred choice of terminals for your merchants. By designating this choice of terminals you will purchase at the best price, you will stock the needed supplies for this set of terminals and you will be able to train and support your staff and merchants in the use of these terminals.

Your choice of terminals will be guided by:

  • Your choice of processors. The terminals you select will need to be certified by the processor you use. Certification goes beyond compatibility; it also is related to the ability of your processor to support your merchants and their terminal specific files.
  • The actual functionality and ease of use of the terminal.
  • The price and terms you receive to purchase terminals.
  • The ability of the terminal to support multiple applications including credit, debit, check service and Gift and Loyalty cards.
  • The ease and process to build applications for the terminal.
  • The ability to support merchants in their use of the terminals.

Terminals also include peripherals such as:

  • Pin Pads
  • Printers
  • Check readers and imagers
  • RFD - contactless readers
  • Smart Card ISO7816 readers
  • Signature capture devices

Additionally there are software-based POS Systems that run on computers. These programs also support all of the above peripherals as well as:

  • Touch Screens
  • Cash Drawers
  • Bar code readers
  • Card readers and Key Boards with built-in card readers

CBScard will guide you in selecting the best POS hardware solutions for your business needs.