Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the process work?
Your bank accepts customer checks and deposits them in your bank account. Your customers check bounces. Your bank sends the returned checks directly to NSF Pursuit for recovery. NSF Pursuit electronically debits the checkwriter's account for the amount of the check plus a check recovery fee. You receive 100% of the face amount. The recovery costs you nothing!

2. Is there a set up charge?
No there is NO set up charge. We do not charge maintenance fees, monthly minimums or have any other hidden fees as with other companies. We feel that you should not pay to open an account.

3. How much does your service cost?
It's totally FREE!

4. When and how fast do I receive my money?
You receive the actual money in about a week. All NSF checks collected are paid weekly.

5. How do banks react to this method of collection?
Since paper and electronic drafts are perfectly legal your bank must accept the drafts and the deposit.

6. Can companies out side of the U.S. use this program?
At the present time most countries do not have banking guidelines in place for the online check payments or bank drafts. We recommend using our program for processing checks for banks in the USA and its possessions. We only collect NSF in these areas. We have heard of other countries with banking regulations in place but we make no guarantees as to it! We only work with US Banks.